Opening Ceremony

Photos by Clemens Bilan and Sebastian Reuter

Photos of the Venue

By Nailya Bikmurzina

Rapid Day 1

Photos by Lena Kashirsky

Rapid Day 1 

Photos by Gregor Anthes and Nailya Bikmurzina

Rapid Day 2

Photos by Lena Kashirsky, Nailya Bikmurzina and Gregor Anthes

Rapid Day 3

Photos by Nailya Bikmurzina, Daniel McMahon and Gregor Anthes

Blitz Day 1

Photos by Nailya Bikmurzina and Gregor Anthes

Closing Ceremony

Photos by Nailya Bikmurzina

Blitz Day 2

Photos by Gregor Anthes

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